Program Benefits

Program Elements

A MWBC Business Consultant will develop a business incubation plan with the participant and will provide guidance throughout the program. Each vendor will learn about setting up a retail business, with specific training in these areas:

Customer Service.


POS Systems.


Retail layout, merchandising display, and signage.


Human Resources.

Program Benefits

The MWBC Business Consultant will provide, in such manner as s/he believes appropriate, support services to the entrepreneur while vendor participates in the MWBC Shop Local program. These services may include, without limitation:

Technical assistance may entail one-on-one work between Business and an industry professional or member of the program staff to solve a specific problem.

Business Counselor will work with the Businesses to potentially secure at least one industry mentor, who will be an experienced industry professional who can provide personal and professional assistance. Mentors offer a broad range of advice and support and will serve as a resource for Business in the intangible areas of starting a new retail company. Most of the mentor relationships will be conducted over the phone or online. There will be no charge to businesses for mentorship

The program holds periodic workshops, which consist of courses designed to address fundamental aspects of business operations and assist businesses in applying the lessons to their own operations. The program may charge Business for workshops while Business is a participant in the Program.

Mainstream financial institutions often don't adequately reach underserved communities. Our Program offers each Business access to microloan opportunities through our partnerships with local SBA-lenders and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), which provide fair, responsible financing to rural, urban, native, and other communities to help finance small business growth,

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This retail incubator opportunity was created to cultivate retail entrepreneurs.

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